Molded fiber is the most consumer identifiable packaging medium available that communicates your commitment to the environment without the need to clutter your marketing messages. People just get it.

Both product protection and customer experience focused, we believe in delivering a new era of molded fiber packaging solutions by coupling state-of-the-art manufacturing with thoughtful and purposeful design.

By leading efforts to combine these fundamentals; molded fiber quickly becomes the premier choice when one wants to bring cosmetic appearance, environmental responsibility and safe, reliable transit together.

Enhance your look

Way beyond the egg carton, our white fber provides the look you need with the sustainability your customers are looking for. Don’t compromise on a sustainable opton, choose one that enhances your brand.

Under FSC Certified it should say:

Berkley International is the only US manufacturer molding both Type 2 pressed & Type 3 Thermoformed fiber in white virgin fiber that is FSC Certified and manufactured without additives or binding agents. By using only natural processes, we can produce a sustainable white paper tray that can be easily recycled or composted.

Club store soluton

As a cost neutral and eco-friendly alternatve to existng plastc divider inserts, we partnered with the Duracell design team to make a molded fber soluton a reality. Bateries are heavy and molded fber out performed, over and over, in all drop and vibraton testng. We saw damage rate reducton of over 22% and in most cases damaged trays, unlike it’s plastc competton, didn’t lose any structural support.

Molded fiber or EPS and corrugated (expanded polystyrene/Styrofoam)

Material Molded Fiber
(molded pulp)
(expanded polystyrene)
How it looks
Raw material 100% recycled paper and corrugated bails Made from a mix of petroleum and polystyrene Virgin paper
Price Minimal raw material price fluctuations in paper Tied to the cost of plastic and oil Minimal raw material fluctuations in the paper market
Nesting Nest and denests up to 75% better then EPS Does not nest/very bulky Nests extremely well when shipped flat
Recycling Recycled bails can sell for up to 200$ per ton! Users pay up to 50 cents per pound to recycle Recycled bails can sell for up to 200$ per ton if boxes do not include excess glue or staples
Static Static neutral which makes it great for static sensitive components Usually needs a treatment to become anti-static Typically, static neutral
Protection Geometry and material based Density Complicated origami assembly
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